High school - 6th to 10th

From the age of 11, we approach every student in VEC to become well rounded individuals by placing equal emphasis on both academic and extra-curricular activities along with holding school events such as science trek , sports days, cultural activities etc…

We have extremely dedicated , capable and highly experienced teachers in VEC. We thoroughly prepare our students for I.C.S.E examinations which is deemed to be one of the most popular education boards in India. We at V.E.C provide over and above the standard txt book teachings via the medium


  • Special classes according to the specific needs of the child

  • Remedial classes (Languages and Mathematics)

  • Encouraging high achievers by providing a platform to learn more in-depth the subject matter

In doing so we nurture and encourage our students to reach their full potential by giving them extra aid where and whenever needed.

Apart from skills and knowledge due attention is also paid to inculcating values which lead them to be upstanding and environmentally conscious citizens.