Library is a crucial part of every educational institute. Library facilities have now become an essential part of all schools because it develops good READING skills. Reading skills has become the need of the hour as the young students are exposed to a plethora of other media to understand concepts or terminologies in their day to day life.

To increase their thirst of Reading and expand their knowledge and imaginations, VEC has a well organised LIBRARY.

At VEC the library has been present since the inception of the school in 1971.At VEC the library has a wide range of books of various genres, manuscripts, magazines and periodicals etc. Books are organised in a systematic manner on the book shelves. It is accessible to all students starting from grade 1 to grade 10.Every class has Library period incorporated into their timetables. We can also track what has been read through our library card which keeps a track of what all has been read which is issued to every child of all grades.