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Pre Primary - UNIKIDZ

Our motto for our children is play while you learn. We achieve this by developing a multitude of skills at a very young age. When the children first enter our school they come from various backgrounds speaking different languages, in order to put them at ease we start with teaching everything through song and actions which grasps their attention and allows them to adjust in no time at all.

Once the communication is established we here at Unikidz believe strongly in using the 3 three senses visual, auditory and repetition for example visually through the use of charts, auditory by listening to the pronunciation followed by repeating after the teacher. In doing so we develop skills (Gross motor and Fine motor) in our children such as cognitive, social, expressive and interactive skills. We make our children very independent by teaching them practical life skills e.g .tying their shoe lace, pouring water into a jug etc…

We aim to foster confident and thoughtful children with a determined belief that they have the ability to achieve whatever they set their mind to. We teach them to respect one another and their elders and work together as a team.

The subjects which are taught in Pre Primary

English Language & Text

Children are taught their phonetics where their listening skills improve and their reading of their words become easier. Once they have a clear grasp of the phonetics they slowly graduate from 2 to 3 letter words to reading proper sentences. By the time they move to the 1st standard they are well able to read a small passage and answer questions i.e.



Children are taught their numbers and are made to understand that each number makes up a quantity and understand the place value. By the time they are through they are well able for addition, subtraction and the concept of multiplication is taught.

EVS (Environmental Studies)

Our children learn about the different types of families ,about the environment and the importance of caring for nature and all the safety features they come across in their daily lives.

Art & Craft

We make sure that our children are creative and make something to take home pertaining to all festivals and seasons in doing so they learn about the different celebrations and seasons.This practice allows them to improve their grip, concentration and thinking capacity.

Circle Time

Here we teach lessons through songs , stories are told , show and tell takes place by doing so each child will get the confidence to participate in front of their peers which will further translate into their environment and caters to their personal development.

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