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Primary school - 1st to 5th

At the age of 6, the child is now capable of higher degree of understanding this leads to the holistic development of the child as they enter into becoming young adults. This crucial developmental stage of the child is rightly nurtured at Vivekananda Educational Centre. The child’s curiosity, creativity and individualistic thinking is encouraged where rigidity and out-dated methods of teaching and learning are avoided.

We at VEC adopt new teaching methodologies like Project-Based Learning (PBL),Round test assessment s, Mind Mapping, VARK (Visual, Audio, Reading, Kinaesthetic) Learning and STEAM – Science, Technology, English Arts and Math in adopting these creative teaching methods ensures that the child has an ease at grasping the subject and concepts taught.

The subjects which are taught at Primary level


  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Environmental Science (1st and 2nd)

  • Social science

  • General Knowledge

  • Art and Crafts

  • Computers

  • II language [ Kannada and Hindi ]

  • III language [Kannada and Hindi for 4th to 5th ]

  • Physical Education

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